TriLite LED S600
Product Description

TriLite LED S600 can fulfill the requirement for surgery as following advantages:
(1)   Perfect shadow control which can allow the surgery can be done more precisely.
(2)   Comfortable surgeon environment can be achieved by cool light from LED, the less side-effect brought by radiant heat to wound can be expected.
(3)   Intensity and CRI can raise the precision of the surgery.
(4)   Extra-slim design is not only good looking but also able to provide excellent laminar flow to protect the patients as well as the medical stuff
(5)   LED last 50,000 hours of life is 40 times longer than traditional halogen bulb. It can reduce the frequency of maintenance and repair.



(1)   Lighthead diameter: 560 /760 mm
(2)   Better protection to avoid damage and scratch when lighthead collision with high-hardness surface treatment
(3)   Intensity reaches 120,000 and 160,000 Lux on small and big lighthead respectively. Color temperature is set at 4200K and CRI is equal or higher than 95RA
(4)   Sufficient intensity and environmental protection can be achieved by new generation of high power LED
(5)   Wide range of active area of arms and lighthead can make the surgery more smooth and easier
(6)   IR remote controller can operate most of the functions of light remotely like power on/off, intensity adjustment, Endo light, and ASM(Auto Shadow Management). In addition, one remote controller can control different lighthead on the same light combination
(7)   Optional TFT display on third arm with 360 degree rotation
(8)   Fine-tuned buttons on control box on lighthead with LED illumination makes operation easier
(9)   Adjustable focus by central handle. The handle is designed for quick assembly/disassembly and able to stand sterilization process

Product Details