Easypuff T-piece Resuscitator
Product Description

Easypuff provides pressure controlled resuscitation for infants in delivery rooms, emergency, transport and NICU. The necessary peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) and end expiratory pressure ( PEEP ) for infant’s fragile lungs is supplied in a controlled way. So, it is possible to prevent barotrauma and guarantee sufficient ventilation for baby.


Width 20cm
Depth 10cm
Height 21cm
Weight ~1,5Kg
Manometer Range -20 to 80 cmH₂O
Maximum Pressure 5-70 cmH₂O
Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP) 0-70 cmH₂O @ 8 L/min
Positive-end Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) 1-10 cmH₂O @ 8 L/min
Gas Inlet Flow Range 5 L/min (min)- 15 L/min (max)
O₂ Concentration 21-100 % (depending on connected gas supply)
Operating Time (400 L cylinder) 50 minutes at 8 LPM
Product Details